Friday, December 2, 2011

Its my birthday again!

This is my 100th post and coincidentally, its also on my birthday. To be honest, I totally did not remember my birthday was coming. I actually realized it earlier this week when looking at the expiry date on the milk bottle.

Bleh plak cakap kat
husband "mak aih lamenye susu nie nak expire". I was completely convinced my birthday was weeks away. And of course husband being husband goes "Eleleleh buat2 x ingat pulak. Kire semlm sebut2 ______ because nak for birthday la kan"

Seriously it was an innocent request.

Anyway, I had a great birthday. Nothing extravagant. Just a simple celebration with the husband.

Coming to birthday resolution (like I usually do every year), the first on the list, same as every other year is to lose weight.

I don't think I'll ever cross this off my list. Sad but true. After getting married, I've been piling on weight like nobody business, I'm sure I'm at teh highest weight ever aaaanddd I'm not even pregnant and if I do get pregnant now, I'm going to be huge by the end of the pregnancy. Scary. Nasib baik tengah on family planning but if I do get pregnant, ayoyo matila...

Second on my list is to start saving money. A lot of our money have been spend on the wedding and I know its worth it but I have to start getting serious in saving more money. There's so many things in my mind at the moment on generating more money and saving more on expenses.

Third learn to bake more. I can cook but I can't bake. people always say that you're either good in cooking or baking and never both. Not saying that I'm a great cook but if you ask me to cook Nasi beriani, ayam masak merah, Dalca and acar, I have no problem. But if you ask me to bake as simple as chocolate cake for "people" to eat, I'll definitely mengelabah.

Fourth and the most important one is finding myself. Figuring out what I really want for my future. Whether in the current field I'm in or something completely different or maybe something in between. I know I have sorted out the relationship part of my life; ie family, children etc but I'm still uncertain about my career choice. I know I can't definitely know what the future hold but at least I want to make sure I'm happy doing what I'm doing and not to care about what others think or say if I choose different from what they want me to be.

Anyway those are my resolution for turning "late 20s". Demmit I'm already late 20s.

The big 3-0 is getting nearer and I'm hyperventilating as we speak....