Friday, July 25, 2008

Another day out...

I went shopping again! On wednesday and today...We went to warehouse on wednesday to get basically kitchen's utensil...we bought cutleries, senduk2, pinggan, wok, mangkuk, cawan...sungguh seronok...all our old stuff either mostly pecah or too uzur...we also bought some dumbbell and i was so tempted to buy the pilates starter memandangkan yoga pun I did very little...i'm commiting myself to one thing, then if later i want to try something else, ok...anyway that was was really bad that day so we can't shop anything else...

So today...the sun finally comes out...and yes since i need more sunlight, fiance bawak kuar shopping...pi esprit again and guess what the top that i bought last saturday has further 20% of on already on sale items... so saye pn amik la lg satu but kaler lain...fiance didnt get anything...but i'm thinking of going again cause the further 20% sale until this sunday only...tgkla how later...

Since the sun is out, we decided to drink starbucks and let me berjemur for 20 minutes...(yes u need to berjemur for at least 20 minutes daily with bare arms exposed)...sah2la cannot bare arm kan... but i did put my sleeve up half kire kene la double the time ek...hahaha..oh ye saye beli thermos baru from starbucks to bring to school...cannot buy coffee anymore, bwk the 3 in 1 nye...hmm and fiance pun start membebel...

'confirm bwk pi sekolah nie?'
'iye...q nk beli 3 in 1, so pagi2 trus masak air before mandi and lepas mandi trus buat'
'iyeke nie, skang dh ader 2 coffee machines and 1espresso machine...tiga2 awak x pakai'
'ala leceh nk wat pagi2...pastu saye tak reti wat, tak sedap..beli bean from starbuck pun x jadi...buat foam pn x jadi...lagi senang pakai 3 in 1, janji kali nie q bawak pi skolah'
and he laughed 'yeye abg x marah...make sure kali ni jadi'
'hik ok'...ended with a cheeky smile which for sure mean not a real ok...

Then we went to tie rack but nothing seems interesting...tgk2 sony nye kedai...went into vodafone to pegang the 3g iphone...then pi michael hills to resize my ring...yes my ring is big...somehow balik nz it feel more longgar...sad cannot wear it all the time...but they just had a change in the policy, they cant resize other items not bought from their retailer...pelik tul, pascoes kat queensgate hrtu kasi...hmm xpela, we'll find another jewelery shop later..

Then we went to reading cinema to see the showing times for dark knight and we bought the 9.00pm...Then masuk whitcoulls to find a notebook to write my recipes...berterabur my recipes, so i need to compile it in one place...then we went home...

orait...need to get ready for dark knight....mkn luar or masak hmmm....masakla, byk duit dh gune....i'm being a good fiancee kn babe?!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

GP's visit...

Yesterday i receive a letter from my GP saying 'your test result have arrived and it is important that you make a follow up appointment to discuss the result'...sangat scary plak bunyi die...a bit cuak i must say...Fiancee was worried too and urged me to make the appointment asap...saye klu cuak a bit reluctant to do it but as usually kene bersyarah la dgn fiance...

just to recap what really happen...last march, i did my medical checkup for student visa...then the GP found that my thyroid gland is a bit up...she's a bit worry and ask me to come again later in the year for a check up...saye mmg malas nk kisah kan, so saye buat2 x paham...tapi in May i had this huge lump at my lower back, ok not really huge tp blehla rase something saye dgn cuaknye told fiance and he suruh check with doctor...but i hate going to see saye tahu saye aderla bakal i must say i mmg hate going to see one...hehehe...jd saye x pegi2 tp i keep complaining and worrying about the lump sampai fiance pn dh x larat nk dgr...jd kene la pakse buat appointment and I finally gave in...

Jumpe the GP and she says its a 'sacroilliac ganglion' and its harmless...owh did i mention it gave me this really back pain whenever i sat too long...but she says there's basically nothing can be done...ciss rugi jer pegi, but she seems to remember about my thyroid and wanted to do further investigations...jd saye pun akur....kene wat 24hr urine collection (yes its disgusting and sgt impractical for me yg 24 hours di hospital, ok u get what i mean...and a blood test before 9am...aiseh ni lagi leceh, one if i needed to go to hospital its either before 7.30am (klu pi ward round) or klu class start kul 9am, mane sempat nk pi before class and klu i got no class in the morning, who on earth nk bgn early....hahahah eh sekali sekala je i get the chance to sleep saye x buat2la sampai lepas cuti hari tu...2 months after that to be exact....hahaha

Anyway i made an appointment this morning and the receptionist say they have an opening at i said fine and trus pi...fiance wanted to come in with me, so he did...masuk2... from the doc screen i can see my result and a couple of them are in red, hmmm confirm x normal...either too high or too low...cuak2...

My vitamin D is 20ish, normal range should be 50-150....hahaha jd kene la bersyarah for not having enough saye mmg xde mase nk kuar...pastu my iodine is 35mg and she says it should be 45mg....haha kene lagi bersyarah...pastu she said my thyroid is working too hard to keep my thyroxine level at a normal ke arah nk jd wonder la susah i nk lose weight and asik depressed and fatigue je....haha alasan but anyway she prescribed me a strong dose of vitamin D, iodine drop that taste like crap, and thyroid support supplement...haila...

But there is a good thing from all i have the opportunity to keep saying to fiance... 'sian baby Q, baby Q sakit...' hahaha memancing attention...suke! and yes now that i need more sunlight...fiance need to bring me out shopping more and due to i 'sakit', bleh demand mkn macam2...hahah like i haven't done that before...anyway let's just hope i get everything in my body to the normal level...:)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My adorablycannotresistsocute Lil' Brother

Presenting Azizul Akmal Zainol

Ok this entry is so lil' bro turns 1 on 3rd of july...sedih i couldnt celebrate his so called party...i had to go back like 4 days before...well ummie made pulut kuning and kari kambing the night before his birthday and brought cakes and goodies bags to his day care on his birthday...i still haven't seen his birthday pictures which i am so impatiently waiting.

6 months old

Ok a lil' bit about him...he's already one year old but he is so lazy to try and walk...i mean really lazy ok...even crawling pun he hates...he prefers to 'army crawl' rather than picking up his butt...he can crawl, we've seen him do it but just for a few steps than he start army crawling again...and his shirts are mostly white, so u can imaginela by the end of the day how dirty the baju is..hahaha we call him 'ummie's lil adorable mop'...yes its mean but bersih ok lantai umah i hahaha...anyway he's a bit penakut as well, so he's a bit afraid to try and stand by his what he tends to do is walk around the whole room using anything he can get hold of until there's nothing else to hold...

Bandung Trip

He loves hp so much...we have to sorok our hp around him or else that will be the only thing he tries to take if we sorok once he saw it, he won't cry or anything but he'll make a mission to get it as he possibly can...well salah we all gak, dari kecik we keep taking pictures with camera he is pretty fond about it la...and because of that, he loves taking picture...point any camera and he will smile...i remember this one time during abg's engagement and we were taking pictures with abg's fiancee...and there were like 10 or more cameras taking our picture and he was giggling the whole time...hahahaha so cute....

If you jage him the whole day, he'll be like really manje with you but he wont be mengade2la like other kids kan...he wont like cry for no reason and that boy can sleep thr anything...hahah sbb dr kecik ayah 'jage' him while watching if he ngantuk he can just go to sleep with the tv blasting with gunshots...hahaha...and yes he doesnt care if people dont layan him but someone needs to be in the room with or else he'll cry...

Owh die juge sangat pandai berlakon with various face expression...

Waiting for ummie to finish shopping

After his 6 months vaccination (Ok prolly this isn't berlakon)

'Whats up?!"

I think he has a lil' bit of us 3...he has my straight dark brown hair and my dagu, he has abg's overall look and he has iwan's tendency to drool (hahahah)...and out of us 3, he really loves abg zul the most...nampak jer kelibat abg zul, he'll be searching for him and if abg enters the room, he will giggle for no kelaka jer muke abg zul tu...its just that abg zul always makes him laugh....with iwan he has this love-hate relationships...hahaha out of all iwan is always at home, picking him up at the daycare and jage him before ummie comes he's pretty close with him but iwan like to tarik his telinga, nose, feet...bleh nampak his expression berubah as in saying 'tunggula aku dh besar'...hahahah precious...with me, he rarely sees me but after 6 months apart, somehow he did remember me but 2 weeks je pn spending time with him, a bit disappointing...owh well the next time i come home, he'll be running but i hope he remembers me....

Cameron Highlands

Ok since it was his birthday, so i did do some shopping..hehehe sungguh rambang mata nk pilih toy...he has very lil toys...we used to have heaps of toys but right before knowing ummie was pregnant, we wakaf aper pun xde kat umah...first i thought of buying GAP ker, Guess kids memikirkan he needs more toys so i hunt for i found....Fisher Price Amazing animal sing along...owh sungguh comel and u can buy additional carriage to add to the train....saye sungguh suke...can't wait to send sangat la besar, adela dlm 90x30x20cm...pengsan gak byr postage nie...hehehe

Fisher Price Amazing Animals

A year old...

Akmal, hope you had a wonderful birthday and i can't wait for your next birthday....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anniversary one month engaged...hiks

Monday, July 21, 2008

Last week recapped

For some weird reason I've been itching to go shopping almost everyday for the last week...saye telah membeli satu sweater nike yg konon2nye nk di bwk berjogging but until not i haven't jog yet...sungguh malas plus anyway, Rebel sale and i was so rambang mate and i wanted to get a new aerobik 3/4 pants as well so that i can do aerobik in style kat umah but i decided not too thinking i have a lot more on my bought only one nike sweater.... i was also looking for pyjama's bottom and jalan2 kat kilbirnie haritu found $10 pants (fiance pi bank, jadi saye shop..hehe) and bought tw0 pairs...hmm sangat suke cz its pink and its amatla sedap....then last firday pi queensgate but because saye tak jumpe jeans yg saye suke and levi's x sale saye trus merajuk and nak balik...sian fiance had to bear and brought me back...trus ruin all the plan...i wanted to shop a 'little' then nk tgk hancock and then nak balik makan kat Arashi...but since saye merajuk trus la kene balik...and i went straight to bed...mind u its only 7.00 and bgn kul 11 lapa giler....txt fiance yg juge tido (cz klu saye wat perangai die suke tido...sian hehehe) and said i was so lapar...bergegas la fiance bgn and we went out to find food...saye terase nk mkn nasi jer klu saye sungguh lapa but aperla yg bukak at 11pm so dgn muke masam (again!) pi mkn kebab...huhu sepanjang mkn saye membebel...x sedapla, dryla, kedekut sosla...3 bites and i stop...fiance, the patience he is offer to goreng nasi once we get i said taknak...ish truk tul saye...sian fiance, i really thot he's gonna leap across the table and eat me alive dah for being so annoying and mengade2...but of course he didn't...then he offer starbucks...i still said no...then bubble tea and i said yes tp akak tu dh nk tutup....c sume bende nk against me, its not my fault that i'm being mengade...then he offered lepak tepi pantai and i refused gak...kesimpulannye saye sgt mengade that night but fiance was awfully tolerance...but i became better when we stayed up watching dvds at my place (we rented 10dvds the day before)...and yes saye mkn kebab saye balik sbb kul 4 saye lapa and sedapla pulak bile dh balik...HAHA... On Saturday, didnt do anything cz i went to bed after subuh and didnt wake up right before asar...then sambung watching dvds and that night saye masak masak lemak daging salai...super pedas...On Sunday, Went out to town and bought 1 esprit jeans and 1 top...esprit sale and once again rambang mate, wanting to go back to get the top in different colour and fiance wanted to buy new jeans since its murah...fiance had a tummy ache due to masak lemak..heheh sian perut die tak tahan...nasib baik i was bought soya milk and subway since he hasnt eaten all day...So mlm tu masak yg tak pedas langsung, ayam ginger and sup sayur...Today, had to go to hutt hospital in the morning and there was also a class in the afternoon...balik2 trus tertido...supposedly nk p warehouse sbb byk giler perkakas rumah needed to buy tp since dh terlelap cancelled...bgn2 txt fiance 'yayang ade ikan separuh jer dlm fridge, camne?' we decided to go out to buy groceries and mkn at temptation...hmmm indian tonite.....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

there so many great moments happen in the past weeks and there so much to tell yet there's lil time to i'll just give a sneak preview and i promise to write the full entry....

  1. My baby bro's first birthday
  2. I need to do an entry on my new life as a fiancee...hahaha and this doesn't count as one entry tho...
  3. Our new activities and travels plan from now on...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Wish List

1) New Laptop - well not sure this is consider wish list since its a necessity. Well I gave my old Toshiba laptop to my younger bro because I wanted to buy a new one. Then fiance gave his desktop for me to use while I browse for laptop that i like. And guess what? has been 6 months. Haha. Well his desktop is super laju with flat screen. who wanna trade it?!!...Haha kidding babe...I am trying my very best to choose and i have narrowed it down...

Sony Pink Vaio

Dell XPS Pink

Well I'm not choosy (I can hear fiance says yeah right). Haha. But for real. All I want is super laju laptop (so it will avoid my hempas-ness session when it fail to meet my laju expectation), stylish (read: pink) and cheap. See not so choosy what?. Haha anyway, based from those two, I've always love vaio but i find the price is ridiculous. with the same am out of price i can get a way better specs (read:laju) laptop. That's why the other one is Dell. Its cheap, pink and meet my laju expectation. Hmmm....So i guess I've made my mind la kirenye ek....But...hmmm....I love Vaio!!!

2) New sony cybershot - this was not originally in my list. But since its a wish list, sukatila....owh well...its just that my old cybershot makan battery tak hingat...when i was in Europe, i just gave up taking picture...nasib baik the other two girls is super fanatic in taking pictures...(hehe love you both) my choice is

Sony Cyber-DSC-T70


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T2

Iphone 3G - ok this is just being mengade. But since this is my wish list, sukatila... Currently I'm using SE P1i and it works wonders. If I got bored with it then I'll think about trading.

Nameplate necklace - Well i have been adoring Carrie Bradshaw nameplate necklace since SATC the series lagi. Not until i did a marathon re-watching SATC 2 years ago that i decide to go and do it for myself. But owh well till now still x kesampaian lg since i have to do it in Malaysia as gold kat sini just too pelik. Haha.

5) Coach scarf - I like the print design and hmm thinking of wearing it as a Hijab.

6) LV Watercolor Speedy - when i first saw this, I fell in love..what more can i say...

7) Car - I've been adoring SUV/4WD type of car after seeing Bethany Joy Galeotti aka Haley James Scott from OTH driving one in season 5. She is like kecik but look so cute driving the car (not i'm saying I'm kecik or i'll be cute driving onela). Haha. Plus my dad so want me to buy SUV/4WD type of car for my own safety. He said 'U can run anyone over klu ape2 jadi'. Saba jela. Anyway I kinda like Toyota Harrier/Lexus but somehow rase cam besar sgtlak and now I have my eye on BMW X5. But biler pk2 balik, bleh ker bwk kete besar2 kat KL nie. So cari kete kecik and after narrowing it down, i came up with VW GTI and Mercerdes C180 Kompressor. But the Merc is a 2 doors car and i find 2 doors car is impractical. Mane nak letak my baby seat nanti...Haha...(my argument with fiance everytime he's thinking of a convertible). But despite all, my favorite all time car will always be Aston Martin DB9 Volante....nuff said...

Toyota harrier/Lexus


Volkswagen GTI

Mercedes C180 Kompressor

Aston Martin DB9

Friday, July 11, 2008

My bro's wedding

So the weekend before my engagement was my bro wedding. I felt a bit guilty for unable to help a lot this time since i came back a day before. I did his tunang hantaran last time n when i came back the hantaran was 95% siap. Wah sungguh hebat cz it was so lawa.

Saturday 14 June 08

Our theme was green as abg has always like hijau n the female side was orange. Giler contrast. Anyway the night before i was so bz kacau-ing him. Sian die since he has to take it all in je. I knew he's waiting for a revenge je at that time (and yes he did...the night before i got engaged). Hehe. Anyway, a week before, my cousin and i made a bet with him on his numbers of lafaz. Serious jahat. Wasn't my idea tho, I was just participating. If I won, great. If not, no harm done (yeke?). Haha.

But anyway, on Saturday the akad was at 11 n as always saye siap lambat n we arrive like a few minutes b4 it starts. Ummie greeted us kat pintu masjid n she was like "masuk cepat, nasib naik ayah x marah". I smiled guilty. Once dah duduk, I saw my bro infornt the tok kadi n somehow I felt different. A lil' bit sad. Didnt know why but I tried not to make it overwhelmed me..

He did it in one lafaz, as i thot act. And of course i lost the bet. Then he went to salam my dad, ummie, the PIL, me and my bro. When I hugged him and congratulate him, my eyes watered and he saw that. He was like ''lex la babe'' and I broke into tears. I didn't know why I cried. Well I do actually, all I can think was, if only mama was here...she had missed a lot of our precious moments and she will be missing many more...well...its more the other way that she's gone, every single moment of our life will no longer be shared with her.. Iguess that was enough to make teary...then my uncle (my mama's half brother) hugged the three of us (he's a big dude) and said "all that is mama". Of coursela that make me more teary kan. And he hugged me all the way out of the mosque n i was like ''ayah su nie, not helping'' and he laughed (he is famous with his evil laugh). And owh yeah photographers was taking my picture in tears like there is no tommorow ok. Ciss sure buruk gamba haku!

I went back home with my younger bro driving. Cis die pakai sunnies, cover! Haha. We all drive giler slow. First time jalan balik from kajang took that long. Dah la I was whinning before we went because I was lapa but for some weird reason I was no longer hungry when we arrive home.

Anyway we had a few hours before bertandang to the female house. Lepak2 at the back and the two of us sat with big brother sitting in the middle hugging us. Had a little brotherly talk and I broke into tears lg. Hampeh tul la diorg nie. At this moment, I wish I hd a sister to cry together... Hehe. Owh well it was sad but it is another precious moment.

Redo my makeup and off to the female house. Seeing my bro in orange was like seeing Raja Mongul. Haha x larat gelak. Tapi when both of them sat on the pelamin, they look great. Had a couple of pictures after a few drama berlaku. Adik hilang. Well die kan everyone nk dukung. So wkt nk tangkap gamba, the one who was dukung-ing him was out of sight. Haila..Drama.

Then it was mkn beradab with the pengantin n we left...

Sunday 15 June 08

Sunday was our day. By 10, we were already at the dewan. I went with slippers je dulu. Sakit kaki 4'' semlm x abis lg. Plus since br nk setup2, i couldnt bother running arround in heels. We had our own tasks (Well me and Iwan jela kan, since adik can barely walk). Haha.

Younger bro was the floor manager n the dj. Basically he runs all the infrastructure stuff. As for me, everything else. From briefing the girls giving the several different types of doorgift to how should the flowergirls walk. At the same time making sure food are always filled up and also be present at the front with ayah n ummie to greet families and friends. So i'm basically running to n fro. And by that time I had to change into heels. Takkan nqk wear slippers. But i did think evrything thr. Mule2 i was wearing 5'' stilletos tp looking at the distance from front dewan to the dewan, I change to a 3''. Nasib baik a brought like 4 shoes. Wise move.

There were so many familliar faces that came that I havent seen for so long and most of them remeember me and were wanting to talk to me just because a lot of them haven't seen me for years after my mum's passing. And it is heart breaking when people keep saying ''you really look liked her...''. and some of them became teary remembering her, which was harder for me. But in a way I'm glad that I carry a little bit of her in myself everyday...

Eveything went smoothly. My younger make sure everything went smooth. Haila he's a keeper sungguh. From finding the car for the pengantin, kompang, silat, mc, dj and songs choices. And the next week, went all out for his sister pulak. I'm blessed...

We were so bz that we didn't actually see the merenjis, potong kek and etc. I did not even eat until 5pm pun. My parents were bz in front greeting visitors but I did manage to go and see my bro 5 minutes before bersanding. He look great in green and his wife look so gorgeous. Even though we missed most of the ceremony but bro i really hope you had a great wedding...

*more pictures will be added later, once i got the official paid photos

I'm engaged!!!!!! (The final part)

Sunday 22 June 08

Venue: Home

Arrival: 3pm

Nasi kerabu
Ayam percik
Daging kerutuk
Daging bercili

When i woke up that morning, i was staring at my ceiling. This is it. Wore a sweat suit n went down. Tried so hard to swallow nasi dagang for breakfast but it was like 3 suap n i gave up. Then relatives start arriving to help out. The neighbours were bz bakaring ayam at the back. I was bz making sure all the hantaran are really siap. The time past very quickly. Sedar2 umi dh sibuk suruh eat lunch. I took a few bites n trus went to siap, makeup and got dress. Dd was by my side all the time. By 2.45, i was ready sitting on the bed n faha, the neighbour aka the photographer was bz taking pictures. Oa arrive with her sister n it was great to c her. Eventhough, not all my bestie were able to make it to my engagement, i was glad some did make it and they being there means a lot to me...Appreciate it dear.

dD (22 years of friendship)

Oa (12 years of friendship)

When the bf family came, i start become tachycardic. Seriously it was like going into osces. Haha so not the same situation. The discussion was simple n quick, which was good. I don't get why people need to make it long and torturous. Klu adding adat to takpela, i'm fond of adat but if saje memanjang2kn, just wasting time and energy. Anyway, bile the future MIL came into the room for sarung cincin, i was so tachycardic that i didnt make any sound. Seriously i have nvr been that quiet n it took a while gakla til i berckp balik. Haha. Kelakar2.

Arrival of the fiance's family

After that i was like bleh kuar dr bilik dh ker. Kang kuar, kene marah. Td berdiri kejup pn kene marah. Uissh seksanye kene jadi perempuan melayu terakhir ni. Hahaha. Well i was 'let out' when bf oops fiance's family nk balik. Wkt salam tu ader one aunty nie kenal2kn, 'nie mak ngah akim, nie mak teh'. In my head was a blur vision. Punyela cuak. I seriously cannot name all the person in front of me 5 seconds later if my life depends on it. Nasib baikla ummie was standing beside me all along. Haha kelakar2.

We're engaged!!!

Fiance came a bit late due to some circumstances. But we manage to took few pictures. Sian jugak looking a my tired fiance. But babe its all worth it. He couldn't stayed back a little late either as he had to hantar his wan. I knew he was a bit guilty n i laughed when i rcv his txt saying sorry and listing all the reasons that were not his fault n so beyond his control. So comel...

After that, i went to see my dad who was outside the entire time. When I saw him, he had this look, this familiar look i use to see when he is proud+sad n trus he was like ''Blum amik gamba lg nie..'' n we took picture together with ummie. Precious.

The family

dD ask me
"Is this what you pictured it would be?"

and I smile and said...




Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm engaged!!!!!! (Part 3)

Friday 13 June 08

So i arrive in Malaysia on Friday, one day b4 my bro's wedding. Balik2 there's 3 baju kurung hanging in my room. 2 for my bro's wed n 1 for the engagement. My ummie did all that n of course my big bro helped pick. The baju was perfect: pink satin lining with white and darker pink lace on top. I've always like pink but it can't be on its own, it has to be combined with other colour to make it not dull. Hmm staring at the baju, my mind was going ''this is it qish, its for real!''

Anyway Saturday and Sunday was the bro's wedding which i have yet to tell.

Monday 16 June 08

Super penat. Cursing myself for wearing that 4'' heels. We were all baring n tido the whole day. Made plan with bf to go out tmrw to get kain akad nikah. Kene matching, so we had to meet or else sure xnye since nothing has been done yet. Younger bro proposed the room design: every view he presented, pdgn kanan, kiri, atas bwh, you name it. With all the light coming from everywhere: under the bed, behind the head rest, from inside vases with holes...

''Ini ke simple u have in mind''
''Owh well, tunang sekali sekala je kakak''
"Up to u la bro, just make sure on that day, i hv something to sit on k. Hehe"

He was really excited to do it so i decided to let him play with it...

Tuesday 17 June 08

Bf arrive ard 11. He had to watch tv with my dad to wait for the princess to siap2. Before we went out, dad gave me money and he said wanchik gave a sum of money for my engagement. Wah bykla pulak sponsors. My younger bro was there n he was like

''hah mate dh bersinar2 nk wat grand la tuh'' "
"cis cam bleh bace la plak, naah mane ade, i want simple jer''

Anyway we went straight to jalan TAR. Panas like hell. And bf+extreme heat = stay away like gf+lapa or gf+heat or gf+sleepy. Haha. Yg penting bf+extreme heat is not good. So trus decide to eat first, at least if he kenyang senang skit. So we had Nasi kandar. After that decided to masuk sume kedai kain n found it at jackels and decided to buy it there. It was cantik+murah+kakak tu friendly. Dh abis beli, wanted to go to sogo, but cannot. Priority is cari brg engagement. So cannot!!

Pastu we went to petaling street to find fresh flowers, org ckp murah tp xla murah pun mayb during event kut. Geram je tgk beg coach berlambak2. Ish xle2 kene beli ori je sbb bile i know its fake, i wont wear it. Membazir je beli. To me klu nk brg cheap jgnla beli fake branded item. Beli yg cheap xde brand jela trus.Anyway I bought a couple of flowers n then we decided to go to nilai 3. To find deco for hantaran. Pastu we hd a big Thai dinner at 6pm. Lantakla, balik 2wks jer, need to eat as much as possible, as many times as possible. Giler gluttony haha.

Wednesday 18 June 08

The newly wed decided to bwk pi beli the rest of my brg. Initially patut pegi hr isnin but since everyone flat we postponed. We all tinggalkn dad at home n adik was at day care. So its just the newly wed, me n younger bro. Went to Nilai 3 n bought basically everything.

Thursday 19 June 08

Ummie cuti, so adik was home. Tinggal we all tiga je at home. Punye la susah nk tidokn the bdk kecik for his morning nap. Like he know we all nk start wat hantaran. And went he finally sleep, it was half n hour. Ya ampun, so kenela wat hantaran with him sibuk-ing helping. But it was fun. Finished roughly 5 of the hantaran that day since sirih j n chocolate kene tunggu the night b4. I did gubah all the flowers myself since i want it specifically like that n of coursela xde org jual and ummie helped a lot...

Friday 20 June 08

Ummie decided to go to nilai 3 again to top up some of the stuff. Ade certain flowers yg same tone, so she insisted we find lain. So we went with the bdk kecik of course. So balik tu we continue finishing the hantaran while the boys finish the room. Ntah how many times they went out to buy stuff pn i have no idea since i was at the back. Kejup lampu x soft enoughla, too yellowla, kain to cover the desk x cukupla. Tahu2 dh siap. When i first look at the room, i was in awe. I couldnt believe he pull it thr. A bit risau pn ade. Yela cam bilik pengantin pn ade. But i was so grateful..

Saturday 21 June 08

Actually today a bit relax since everything dh siap. So today went to pasar borong to buy raw material for the food. The newly weds, me n my younger went after rcving the groceries list from the bestest kelantanese chief cook known to man. Haha seriously. So we bought groceries and some more fresh flowers. Balik tu basuh ayam n daging and did a little prep. That night siapkan sirih j n chocolate and gubah flowers for backdrop. I just couldn't get to sleep, so i think i rearrange the room like millions of times until like 4am. Haha nampak sgt freaking out n when that happen, i make myself bz. Haha...

I'm engaged!!!!!! (Part 2)

Ok sambung from previous...somehow my bro decided to shorten his engagement for 6 months and was sibuk-ing asking my nx longest hols...well i only had like a couple of cuti left and the longest was only he was like

''ok come home in June nx yearla and eh u don't wanna get engage as well ke?''
''2wks with 2 ceremonies, how are we gonna pull that?''
''xpe2. Can2. I'll do one weekend and then the next weekend u engaged''

Mind you that this conversation is like 2wks before i'm bound to go back. So it was a bit scary thinking that it cant be done. But somehow i felt that i'm just gonna do it and all i can think is 'to do it simple'. We proposed it to my dad n he said yes... He simply said yes, i was putting myself thr hell for nothing...hampeh tul.. So that was that...

6 months before

So for the next 6 months was basically planning the theme n hantaran n door gifts. I've always wanted to do pink. One, because i love the colour, two, cause i'm not gonna have a pink wedding n three, i look good in pink. Haha.

About a couple weeks before the engagement, bf parents came to merisik. Sort ofla. Just to sort things out since it was difficult to communicate with us now that we in nz. Once it was finalised, bf said. ''Q this is it, no turning back''. Haha somehow i didn't freak out. It is difficult to describe but to my surprised I was calm. Maybe i kept saying theres so many things to do, no time to freak out. Haha

1 month before

I didn't want to use paper bag for door gift, so i decided to find something fancier n i found this cute plain white noodle box n i decided to find sticky hot pink dots to decorate it. So bf the rajin-ness he is, help tampal the dots for me. It was cute seeing him with all the pink dots. Haha should have captured it. Unforgettable...

Initially, I planned to sit on a chair or if too susah to find a chair, i wanted to sit on a pillow with a backdrop. Like i said simple!. Proposed it to my younger bro n he was like

"ala x grand, sume org buat camtu. Duduk atas katil la. I'll bwk turun my katil" (since he has double bed, smallest in the house to fit into the room)
"La i dont want to susah2 kan u"

But he insisted. So i was ok with it n put him in charge of that. Since once again i dont like comforter's style in malaysia for wedding/engagement yg silk plain, i decided to hunt for it here (plus i can find duvet cover n sarung je my comforter at home). So decided to go to Spotlight n trus jumpe. Mmg my luck. It was perfect, pink with cream with slight purplish colour. So x la tenggelam i yg pakai all pink. Trus angkat. 50 dollars total for duvet cover n 4 pillow cases. Nasib baik die nye matching pillow n small bolster dh abis, klu x mesti gile best... Anyway i rcv so mane compliments on the bedding, that now all my aunties want it. Aiseh...

~ The bedding ~

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm engaged!!!!!!

I've recently decided to change my here i am...i guess a new beginning needs a new blog...hahaha (cannot byk2 beginning ni)...anyway as the entry's title entails...I'm ENGAGED!!! took me a while to adapt to the new status...owh well!! i'm grinning as I type this...anyway i guess this entry is about the engagement or perhaps the story behinds all of it...:)

I've been dating him for more than 4 years now...getting engage has come up a few times but my dad had made it clear during our first year dating, to finish studying first before anything...c'mmon dad, we've only just start seeing each other...owh that was when he throw a surprised birthday party with family that he has yet to meet (another story for another day) wonder dad was scared...anyway as i was saying engagement has come up several times after that but remembering what my dad said we put it on hold...until summer hols 2007...we were in europe, n we were talking
to our ever dearest friend (you know who you are dear) about getting engage and somehow i felt it won't hurt if i ask...yeah right, i know i'll chicken made a lil' white lie to the baby Kim, telling him that I'll give it a TRY!

After europe trip, went straight back home and to my surprised, I found my big brother is getting engage...Wow that was a relief...i never thot he'll find the RIGHT girl...but anyway back to my head was going...this is my chance, engagement topic is already in the air, no need to warm him up...but naah i chickened out...hahaha keep giving lame excuses to myself: need to let my bro get engage firstla, cannot do two engagement in one summer holsla...u named it, i've made every excuses under the sun...

Until one fine night while having dinner at the table, my ummie said to my dad in joking manner "hah bang, tup2 trus zul nk bertunang, x lame pastu dpt menantu, pastu si aqish pulak"...and my dad replied..."tula, suddenjer..aqish nie pun, if she says she wants to get married tomorrow, what can i do, i have to agreela" heart literally brain was he serious? can he actually read my mind?...i txt the bf straight away...

"babe, ayah kate greenlight..."

Straight away he called back...told him what happen...n we started planning.......