Thursday, August 28, 2008

A week recapped and weekend gateaway...

I haven't been so well earlier this week, physically and emotionally and fiance have been attending to that...sian...i don't know no whats wrong but i do get this kinda feeling occasionally, just not talking and sleeping most of the times and he knows that there is something wrong...he always cheer me up, he bought so many food ie mee rebus, lontong, fish n chips and sanggup sacrifice to go and watch a chick flick movie...but i wasn't really up to it...

Somehow I manage to get it together (seeing how much he tried) and decided to go out and watch Hell boy 2 on was funny and for the whole 2 hours it felt good to be out-of-my-life for a while and just be with felt good to be out of all the negative energy I've been surrounded with...Anyway, I now realized I get withdrawal caffeine headache...I've been getting the headache every late afternoon and on that day I bought Starbuck and yes, the headache is gone...drank the coffee through out the movie and it felt goooood...

Had mcq practice on friday but could not be bother to study...did the mcq in 16 minutes and left...i was not up to anything, so i went home and slept the whole afternoon...missing another kecture i think...oh well...that night we decided to go somewhere this weekend and google few places nearby (malas driving for hours)...then we decided we might go to Wanganui but I wasn't putting much hope on going...

Saturday morning woke up and did 10.30 fiance woke up and suruh siap2...I wasn't really sure to go or not but fiance paksa I gave in and packed...fiance made dinner the night before (and most of the night this week) and there were a lot of nasi lemak i packed the nasi lemak, baju, laptop and fully dressed in an hour (that was a miracle...hehehe) and at 11.30, we were already in the car,...sungguh menakjubkan...

Obviously we didn't booked any accommodation and the last time we did something like this was our (Read: Ba'am) spontaneous-have-some-adventurous-sense trip to Wanaka and we ended up sleeping in the car...why? who would actually know that there is an Air Force festival in Wanaka that weekend and every accommodation is booked including the nearby towns...haha that was hilarious (well not at that time) I was praying hard that it won't happen again...hehehe

We stopped once at Otaki beach to have late afternoon lunch and the place was beautiful..owh and I was so excited through out the whole journey...I dont think I stopped talking...

We arrived at Wanganui at 3.00pm and searched for accomodation...we wanted to stay near the beach well just because we love beach! and we did...lepak2 for a while and went out to the beach...we walked on the beach and it was one of our greatest moment...punyala tak sempat2 nak pi beach, camera pun tak no pic just memories...

then we drove to the town to find something to eat and the town was were everywhere...we stopped at what was said to be the biggest fish n chips in town and it took 45 minutes to get our seafood basket...people were ordering through phone and buying in a large sum...we were speculating "bini die malas masak kut and anak die mesti ramai"...hahaha...because 45 minute goneby, we missed to watch sunset at the beach...Sad...

this morning woke up and checked out...initial plan was to go to the splash centre and mandi for a few hours but we decided not to go...tetibe malas and thinking it Sunday and there will be so many kids, we decided to just go and do some touristy thing...

Theme black and red

we left at 11.00am and stop at a NZ version of UK-carboot-sale at Sanson...being in the market made me reminisced the times I was in the UK and every weekend we'll go to carboot sale in various towns...mama like buying soft toys for me and the last time I count I had like 70+ soft was great being the only girl...hahaha...anyway fiance bought 2 scoops ice cream and it was huge (thinking he might lure me on having some) which in the end he didn't even finish it...

We arrived home and we had fish n chips (again), squid tempura, prawn tempura, scallop tempura, carrot, tempura, mushroom tempura and salad...sungguh gluttony and we didn't manage to finish it...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy 1 year old Afif!!!!!

My not-blood related nephew turns 1 today....he's my best friend's son and he is adorable...he calls me mama Qish (well he hasnt said a word yet, but thats what his mum called me) and the last time I saw him was 6 months ago...his mum didnt bring him on my engagement day...

Afif wearing the shirt I bought him

Owh I so can't wait for him to start talking...mesti talkative like her mum and maybe he can sing too...OA has a great voice...anyway for this birthday I bought him clothes from it will arrive soon tho'...This is what i bought him

Since I'm already shopping for Afif's would be a waste if I didnt but a pair for Akmal' this is what I bought him...

Anyway hope u had a blast birthday celebration Afif...

Monday, August 18, 2008

My latest splurge.... the entry title, this is my latest splurge...Pink Sony Viao VGN-CR320E/P...:) sungguh happy!!!! One item in wish list down, many more to go (i sure need to sell my kidney to buy all those)...haha anyway for those interested in knowing the specs

+ Windows Vista Home Premium
+ Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7250 (2.0GHZ, 2MB L2 CACHE, 800mhz FSB)
+ 2GB (1GB x 2) DDR2 667 SD RAM (4GB Maximum)
+ 250GB Sata (5400RPM)
+ DVD +- RW/ +-R/ DL/RAM
+ 14.1" WXGA TFT with XBrite Eco Technology
+ Standard Duo Size compatible, magic gate, memory stick Pro Duo + Pink Rose, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Memory Stick

Saye now pretty good in knowing comp/laptop specs...all thanx to fiance...well dah lame die ajar but it never stick (seriously it doesnt concern me) tp after browsing through so many laptops, skang saye sudah paham...haha but if u ask me in a few months, i'll bet u all the knowledge is gone....oh ye the best thing of this laptop is i bought it with my own money, i dont think i have spend on anything this much ever, not even the Europe trip kerana the most expensive item in one receipt would be the flight ticket which ayahanda yang bayar tiket welly-kl which is 85% of it (buy i did pay other expenditure tho)...hahah why am I emphasizing on this so bersungguh2...trying to make a point i am not a spoiled brat...;)

What else has been happening...hmmm owh remember the new sushi open yesterday and sebelum osce practice ( ye saye geek pi skola blaja hari ahad) bought like 3 sushi jer cause takut tak sedap...u can pick and choose like in midland sushi in town and they have a wide variety of sushi and most of it seafood (which is great)...the sushi was actually really good that after osce i bought another 3 (byk dh habis at that time) and the bestest part is fiance like it very much...he has never been a fan of sushi but this time die ckp sedap...owh now i can seret him it everytime...and today of course la saye beli lagi...saye beli 8 trus kali nie...hahahah semalam 6 hari ni 8 esok 10 la kut...hahaha

Salmon Teriyaki, Raw Salmon, Una Cheese, Spicy Tuna

Mlm nie malas masak because kene kemas umah, esok ader fiance not feeling quite 'well' saye nk belanja butter chicken from temptation and ayam panggang from kopi/seraiheaven to make him feel better...nk takeaway jer...its more fun eating at home....


Saye tgh wat run paeds and I'm missing that boy so much and yes also the one infront...notice how he always wave with his left...he might follow abg zul becoming a lefty tp based on the developmental milestone yg saye br belajar, kids will only establish the handedness at 3 year old...mungkin he's faster and abg zul is so happy he has a 'gang' ader la org gune his sudip and potato peeller for left handed (yes he made his own sudip for lefty) hahahaha

thats about it...oh ye birthday Nuha today...Happy birthday dear...ramai sungguh birthday august nie...sungguh byk tribute saye buat and there will be another one dearest not-blood-related nephew who turns ONE...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Loving my not-so-new place

Well the purpose of this entry is actually to tell that a new sushi place is opening 6 kedai away from me...wahh sungguh happy ok and they'll be giving 30% off for three babe masak sendiri k for 3 days...haha kidding....its gonna be like 1.5 minutes to the new sushi place...sungguh seronok!! I hope its sedap tho...

I'm so loving my not- so-new place nie...its like 5 minutes to school, well more like 1 minute into perkarangan hospital...serius lintas jalan jer...hahahah...sungguh best...owh the view is the new hospital...dulu x siap lg so hanya nampak zinc covering the construction jer....and the new hospital which is orange in colour with palm trees its a pretty nice i have a routine of berjemur in the panas on the balcony (x cukup vitamin D kan) and if there's sun i'll sit outside drinking coffee while listening to ipod...hmmmm heaven...

The view from my place

What else is in the vicinity...hmmm kedai coffee hanya terletak sebelah umah which they have good coffee but i can't buy it everyday or i go miskin...then selang sebelah, there's florist which is convenient for fiance for last-minute grab on special occasion...(hehehe ok2 maybe not last minute, you planned to get it from there)...then the soon-will-open sushi place...Lintas jalan there's malaysian takeaway which th ayam panggang is to die for and there's fish and chips place which is also good for my late supper (hahah mane x gemuk) and there's dairy you can see how great this place is..i'm so not letting it go...everything is 3 minutes away and i'm not exaggerating..

The word that i would describe the place is cosy....just big enough for one...if too big saye takut...hahaha but the bilik is a bit small i must say since i have everything in the living room hanye tinggal couch sahaja...its winter so i don't want to stay out of my room..giler sejuk ok...jadi sume bende dlm saye jugak mengade nk double bed...klu single confirm besar...hahaha lantakla

owh ye talking about florist...teringat fiance bagi flower dlm kelas semalam...this is the flower

Hahaha...lecture giler bosan n we tend to draw stuff to communicate in klas...hahaha aper la agaknye lecturer to ajar semalam...haih....

Monday, August 11, 2008

A tribute to my dad...

Presenting my father aka papa bear...

Its my dad's birthday today...He turns 57 today and i miss him like crazy...I've always been daddy's girl all my life and i tell him almost everything to it recent and latest bf to mischief behaviour in school (in case i get caught ;))... he's cool with everything as long as mama doesnt know or he'll get nag...I would consider him protective but his rule was always reasonable and at times he tests your sense of respect and responsibility....

Back during my school days, my curfew is like 7.00 and by 5.30 he'll be ringing my cell making sure i'm in the train on the way back...there is this one time, when i call him at work asking to go to sunway pyramid, which is way out of the perimeter that i'm allowed to go...(haha yes i have a geographical perimeter) and he said yes as long as I arrive home by 7pm and somehow i arrive home late, maybe half an hour late and of course la i expected yelling from him....But he didnt yell, he just made me come to my senses...I remember what his said to this day and I quote "You made me look a fool to your mum...I gave you a permission and I defended my permission to your mum because i know you'll keep your word"...Ouch

New Zealand, 1984

He is garang and i do get that garangness from him but he never hit me not even once...if i throw tantrums when i was younger, he'll always give the 'slow talk' and to my surprise it works everytime...i am so amazed on his knowledge on everything, he's my 'walking encyclopedia'...seriously he can answer you everything because he just loves to read...i mean a LOT of'll never sees him without a book in his hand...when i ask how do you know everything..."cause I read!"...It was his favourite statement...

He never wanted me to go to boarding school...but i insisted to go so he let me and i never told him until i was in 4th form that i hate and i cant stand living in a boarding school since like the second year...he was appalled when he knew it..he said he would have pulled me out of school if he knew then but it would be a waste if I left at that time...he was surprised i didn't tell him earlier but later he realized that i got his stubbornness and pride since i was the one insisted to go despite his disapproval...i just don't want to prove he was right....hahaha

He is also the parent with the 'tough' love approach, while mama will be balancing him as she was the 'soft' love (if there is such things)...even if i get like great grades, his response will always be "you're not the best tho"...hampeh tul, mama would be vise versa, she'll compliment like you are the most clever in the universe (i'm not kidding)...But despite the 'tough' love thingy that he has going on, I'll always see it in his eyes, how proud he is...precious....oh yeah i should add, now that mama is no longer here, its a bit off balance....Sad

United Kingdom, 1992

I know he hates me being here down under...every time when he sent me off at klia, he'll sing "Leaving on the jet plane"...seriously he actually sing it out loud in the KLIA carpark when he first sent me off...mak aih segan but it was precious...and he still sing it at home before i leave malaysia when he sees me dragging my bag down stairs...and there were times i stop believing in medicine and me, and he said and i quote "there2, stop saying that...i grilled you about medicine before you go and you were certain...stick to it come rain or shine and never falter my believe in you...Can't wait to go to your graduation!!"...and everytime I'm down I'll read his txt and that keeps me going...

But when my mama passed away...i can see him fall apart...I've never seen him like that ever in my life...I didn't even talk to him after 2 weeks of her passing...He just couldn't make himself talk to me and when i came home that summer he handed a piece of paper to the 3 of us.....

If I Only Knew

If I only knew it would be the last time
I would be there to share your day,
well I'm sure you'll have so many more
so I can let just this one slip away.

For surely there's always tomorrow
to make up for an oversight,
and we always get a second chance
to make everything right.

There will always be another day
to say our," I love you’,"
And certainly there's another chance
to say our. "Anything I can do's?"

But just in case I might be wrong,
and today is all I get,
I'd like to say how much I love you
and I hope we never forget.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone,
young or old alike,
And today may be the last chance
you get to hold your loved one tight.

So if you're waiting for tomorrow,
why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes,
you'll surely regret the day,

That you didn't take that extra time
for a smile, a hug, or a kiss
and you were too busy to grant someone,
what turned out to be their one last wish.

So always hold them dear.
Take time to say I'm sorry, Please forgive
me, Thank you, or its okay.
And if tomorrow never comes,
you'll have no regrets about today.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

lame giler x update...been bz with studying and business tgh no extra time at all...will update when i can...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Ami!

Cumberland Hall, NZ (2004)

We all have different kinds of friends...
the work friend...the wild friend...
the nurturing friend, and so on...

But you, you're a little bit
of all of these for me.
So what does that make you?

My "everyday friend"?
No, that isn't worthy of the important place
you occupy in my hear and in my life.

My "dependable friend"?
You are, but that doesn't reflect
how often you make me laugh...
even on days when i don't think
I have a single laugh left.

My "caring friend"?
You're that but so much more!

No when i really think about it,
I have to admit you're gone above and beyond
the minimum daily requirements for friendship...

The only solution I can come up with
is to think of you more like family.
Yeah, that works...
in fact, it feels just right.

Need I say more?

Happy 25th Birthday dear...

Rome, Italy (2007)

*hope you liked the pressy