Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bits and pieces

I have been drafting my Europe trip all this while…it has made progress but I’m getting bored with the project already…hahahah…but I will make sure it will follow through…

My cute very small vaio is playing up already….sign of old age is showing and I desperately need a new laptop/tab/ipad…I’m pretty much torn between a laptop or a tab-type and I have made husband’s task to research for me….hahaha…giler lazy

At the moment I can’t wait for Monday to know what husband is planning for the 1stever anniversary…he’s been acting very suspicious the whole week, even warned me not to snoop into his laptop this whole week...he must be up to something or he’s having an affair that lasted a week….*laughing nervously* ;)

Can’t wait!

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